About Quadra Solar
Capture More Sun

Founded in 2007, Quadra Solar develops Cogeneration Concentrated Photovoltaic and Thermal (CPVT) technology with products designed for both the utility scale and distributed solar power generation markets. The company was founded in response to the world’s growing demand for alternative renewable energy source that is independent of traditional fossil fuels. Solar power is a clean inexhaustible energy source which can eliminate environmental and economical problems that arise from the use of conventional energy.

Our mission is to provide access to unpolluted and cost-competitive solar energy.

Our business scope includes design, research & development, production and sales of solar energy generation systems based on photovoltaic and thermal technologies.

Photovoltaic systems deliver a clean energy directly converting sunlight into electricity and do not polluting the environment. QS has designed PV systems that features modularity, ease of integration and maintenance inherent to PV techniques and adds to it new and unique capabilities.